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everyhting just dissapeared and changed after i updated itunes and it doesnt normally happen fakemailk

okay, so i opened the map and there’s only one map that says “put automaically on itunes, and when i put stuff in there it goes to the itunes library and i want to put the music in my iphone fakemailk


florido: New Werk Wednesday. #hairbyflorido #901artist



can priscilla and jay let selena be the godmother

Anonymous said:
Justin unfollowed yoyo. I'm crying. god is real !!!!!


he came through 

@justinbieber: AHHHHHHH spoonswagginnnnn #spoonswaggin

how do you put your music on your iphone?

Title: Lost In Ya Love
Artist: Chris Brown
Played: 610 times


who in the hell is moaning on autumn leaves and why are they doing it in my ear

Anonymous said:
what do you mean sel betrayed you?

her bangs were fake 

i always check your blog too 😒

yaas boo :*

Anonymous said:
can you check blogs who like this?